Rulebook FAQ

Since our backers have received the board game in December 2017 we have received a few questions about mechanics and interactions.

-Can I trade for a dead suspect using the "I Don't Like That Person" action?

Unfortunately not! Cards can used on living suspects.


-Are all the agents working together to find the killer?

No. The agents are still in competition with each other as there can only be one winner.


-If I am an agent, why should I kill my own suspects?

All players should be encouraged to utilize the weather deck, but always be aware of the current death count.

Making use of the weather deck is a vital tool when trying to get ahead of other agents in the investigation. Included in the weather deck is the Raincoat Killer who removes a suspect from your line-up. While their death may be tragic, this puts the agent in a stronger position. Having fewer suspects to protect means you are less vulnerable to other players undoing your progress in evidence battles. Of course, a deceased suspects also contributes to the killer's win condition so be careful when deciding whether or not to check the weather.


-What happens if all your suspects die?

In the rare event of all of your suspects dying, the outcome will depend on your alignment.


If you are the killer, you can no longer be accused as you have murdered your own accomplice. A cold move, but one that results in your victory!


If you are an agent, the game continues and you are able to keep making accusations as you no longer have any suspects under your jurisdiction to prove innocent. But be aware that with so many townsfolk dead, the killer is close to winning so act fast!


-In a three player match, do we have to remove one of the Agents from the alignment deck before dealing the cards to the players?

In order to ensure there is always a hidden killer in the game, you have to remove one of the Agents from the alignment deck before dealing the cards in a 3-players match.


-In a four player game, if two agents are removed, do both roll for a kill on each remaining turn?

Yes, every removed agent has to roll the die on each remaining turn.


-Does the action card “FK In The Coffee” negates ALL attacks in an evidence event, or only one piece of evidence?

FK in the coffee negates only one attack. The evidence battle can continue after if the other player has a card to reply.


-What is the difference between playing an evidence card and beginning a battle?

When you use an evidence card to incriminate a suspect on another player's board, that always starts an Evidence Battle. But you can also use the green evidence cards on your own board to prove the innocence of your suspects and move them up to the innocent row, which doesn’t trigger an Evidence Battle. Nobody can interfere when you are proving innocence on your own board.


-Does making an accusation consume a move?

Yes, making an accusation consumes a move, so you can only do it during your turn.


-Can you make more than one accusation during the same turn?

Yes you can if you still have enough evidence cards to support the second accusation and a remaining move.


-Have you guys considered creating a version for Tabletop Sim?

We’d love the idea of bringing the board game to the digital world. It's something we are currently looking into.

We'd like to hear your rulebook questions!

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Created by Samuel Elphick & Daniel Osuna Pérez.

Artwork by Fran Fdez. Made in Germany.

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