A game of innocence,

incrimination and


January 31st

In this small mysterious town a young woman has been murdered. Each agent has been assigned six suspects to investigate. You must protect the innocent, uncover evidence, apprehend an accomplice and identify the hidden killer among you before it is too late.

-2 to 4 Players

-30 to 45 Minute Games

-Hidden Roles

-Roleplay Friendly!

-5 Language Rulebook

-Premium Dice and Cloth

-Full Original Soundtrack

-Funded by Kickstarter

How To Play

You are an agent assigned to the team working on the Greenvale murder case. Six suspects have been allocated to you.

Your objective is to prove that your suspects are innocent by

collecting supporting evidence and incriminating suspects of competing agents.

Combine unique actions to get ahead in the investigation. Keep a careful eye on the weather and harness its powerful effects.

With an active killer on the loose, the townsfolk of Greenvale are at risk. With each death the killer creeps closer to their ultimate goal.

Each suspect death is a terrible tragedy. Yet with fewer suspects under your jurisdiction,

your position as an agent is stronger. Once all of your living suspects are in the clear, pull the trigger on who you believe to be the real killer.

Guess correctly and you will save Greenvale before it is too late. Your profiling powers have stopped the killer in their tracks.

Guess wrong and a fellow agent will be removed from the case making their remaining suspects even more vulnerable and the killer closer to victory.

Choose carefully.

In addition to all the components required to play, Deadly Premonition:  The Board Game includes 3 premium items to enhance your investigation!

Fill the air with the 25 original tracks of Deadly Premonition.


Keep the case organized with the 50x50cm cloth gaming mat from Greenvale Police Department.

Test fate with the custom murder die, complete with cause of death icons!

Special Thanks

A huge thank you to the Kickstarter backers who made this project possible. With your support and funding we were able to bring back the world of Deadly Premonition.


In addition we'd like to thanks the people and teams who helped us along the way:


Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro - Video Game Director

Fran Fdez - Artist

Jeff Kramer - Voice Over Artist

Napoleon Creative - Video Agency

Whitney Chavis - Fan Site Owner

OK Media - Supplier

Kickstarter - Campaign Host


The friends, family members and professionals who dared to playtest our game...


Thank you all.

"So my regular gaming group played this on Friday as promised and it was a HUGE hit! Despite none of the other 3 players having ever played Deadly Premonition they all loved the game so much they said it was their favourite game we have ever played!!!" -Lee S. (Kickstarter Backer)
About The Project

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game began as a passion project at Rising Star Games which went on to be funded on Kickstarter in May 2017, raising $148,511 to bring the game to life. The board game is inspired by the cult sensation of 2010, Deadly Premonition, returning to the mysterious town of Greenvale and its weird and wonderful inhabitants. Step into the shoes of York, Emily, Thomas and George, and begin your own investigation into the murder of Anna Graham.

Deluxe Edition Contents

What's In The Box?

-Cloth Gaming Mat

-1 Custom Die

-Original Soundtrack

-60 Profiling Cards

-24 Suspect Cards

-Token Sheet

-4 Line-Up Boards -4 Alignment Cards -5 Agent Bio Cards -4 Guide Cards -10 Weather Cards -Game Manual

-Steam Key Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut

Created by Samuel Elphick & Daniel Osuna Pérez.

Artwork by Fran Fdez. Made in Germany.

© Marvelous Inc. / Rising Star Games Limited. All rights reserved. Published and distributed by Rising Star Games Limited.

Deadly Premonition is a trademark of Marvelous Inc. and is used under license. Marvelous and the Marvelous logo are trademarks of Marvelous Inc. in the US and/or other countries.